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Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Eden Farm Case Study

Eden Farm Case Study

The Challenge

The relationship with Eden Farm’s parent company, The Kitwave Group was formed when the client got in touch through our website. The client wanted to move away from a completely paper-based system to streamline the operation, whilst improving efficiency and reducing human error.

There was always going to be a challenge with supplying these devices to the client’s freezer environment due to the fact these environments require devices that can withstand temperatures that reach-30 degrees celsius. Not only did these devices need to be used wearing gloves, they also required special batteries to operate at the low temperature.The client also needed to run a third-party mobile device management tool to enable remote access to the devices, meaning they required the use of GMS (Google Mobile Services).

The Solution

We were asked to look at supplying wireless access points alongside the handheld terminals and accessories. So, to ensure we could achieve this we conducted a WiFi survey to pinpoint exactly where the access points needed to be placed to receive maximum coverage for the devices being used. We then used heat maps showing the client exactly how many access points were required.

To ensure the existing paper-based system could change to an automated warehouse management solution, enabling full track and trace, we selected Honeywell’s CK75F Pistol Grip HandheldTerminal with all charging accessories. This device was critical to the project, as at the time it was the only Android based freezer specification unit in the marketplace.

The wireless access points we supplied wereExtreme Networks AP-7632-680B40-WR, complete with freezer specification omni-directional antenna’s to be positioned around the freezer. Then lastly, we supplied the client with Ivanti Velocity TE client licenses for the handheld terminals.

The Delivery

The outcome was a resounding success. All the equipment was correctly configured, and the new system has been running seamlessly since early November. Eden Farm and Kitwave Group have an IT team that is assembled of extremely professional, committed and knowledgeable people, which made the project, built on the partnership between the two companies, a resounding success.

We also provided maintenance and support for the devices supplied, providing a fully managed service offering for the clientof which we will continue to do throughout the whole lifecycle of the equipment.


Alan McCartney, the IT Director for the Group has been working closely with PLM throughout, has said:

“We began working with PLM around 18 months ago and from the offset, we could see that their culture was clearly that of a company that put their clients firstthey had an agnostic approach to making sure we got the right solution in place for our needs. Once we had decided on the specification and equipment selection, PLM worked with the manufacturers to ensure we got the best pricing and fought for the best delivery to fit in line with our project delivery dates. Even when challenges arose, PLM worked closely with our IT team to ensure that they could be overcome. We consider PLM to be a key strategic IT supplier to the Kitwave Group and know we are in safe hands when we engage with them around any of our projects.”


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