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Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Honda Logistics

Honda Logistics

The Challenge

In the August of 2017, Honda Logistics challenged PLM Global to review the wrist-mounted technology currently in use at it’s manufacturing plant in Swindon. These are used in the logistics part of the assembly plant and as Honda wanted to increase the security levels on their WIFI network, it became clear that the current wrist mounted terminals in use were not compatible.

The Solution

We introduced one of our latest products, the Zebra WT6000 which could replaceHonda’s current devices. At the time Honda were favouring Android operating systems in the mobile devices due to the high security and increased functionality they support. The Zebra WT6000 is a wrist mounted terminal that utilises Android’s Nougat operating system alongside Ivanti’s terminal emulation application called Velocity.

Velocity is required to interface with the Honda Logistics program based on AS/400, this typically uses character-based screens such as a green screen and is driven by function keys on a device pad.

By usingVelocity to interface between AS/400 and the Zebra WT6000 it meant that the screens on the WT6000 were customised so that only appropriate keypads appeared on the screen for a particular page of the program. The customisation allowed the screen sizes to be increased and the keys to be located quicker. The WT6000 is faster on WIFI compared to the previous products used, this meant that there was an increased speed through the screens, resulting in increased productivity.

Included on the Zebra WT6000 is the RS6000 finger barcode scanner. As the RS6000 is connected directly to the WT6000 and other newer technology, it allows multiple scans in quick-time. The fast scanning was an important aspect to Honda as scanning to the line or into the building at the right time is vital to their car production.

The Delivery

A successful trial period for the Zebra WT6000 was conducted and Honda Logistics ordered 60 terminals for their operation within the Swindon site.

We worked with Honda to create the WT6000 which has all of the relevant settings, configurations and versions built into aHonda ‘image’. By incorporating the Honda ‘image’ into the Zebra StageNow (a utility that can image multiple devices at once), PLM Global were able to image the terminals within a couple of hours just by scanning four barcodes per device.

As the devices have an identical image, it removes any human error and means that any WT6000’s returning from repair could be re-imaged within seconds on returning to Honda.


Gary Stewart European head of IT for Honda Logistics has worked closely with PLM for many years. 

“Being a logistics company, we often face challenges that most suppliers simply cannot support us with, this is where PLM are different.PLM came to us shortly after they initially formed the current business with the intent of taking over the support of our existing Motorola and Zebra estate. At the time like any young business they promised the world, this at the time was taken lightly as just another sales pitch.

Since that initial first meeting I have had to take back those thoughts time and time again as the team at PLM have not only delivered that promise but also exceeded all my expectations as a supplier with innovation, cost savings and a support service like no other”

“Over the past five years PLM have become the number one supplier for Honda Logistics and helped us move forward with many projects. The introduction of the WT6000 has introduced a new way of accurately ensuring the correct parts are in the right place on time every time”

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