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Efficient asset tracking can be a quick win in reducing costs

Efficient asset tracking can be a quick win in reducing costs

Cost reduction is never far from the minds of business owners of every type and size.

When it comes to logistics, there are a number of ‘go to’ areas to seek improvement, including: –

Stock delivery
Route planning
Picking & packing errors
Damage in transit
In reality however, some of the most significant and immediate ‘cost wins’ can be made in simply addressing the losses associated with inefficient asset tracking.

Pallets, containers, tubs and bins may be seen as almost-invisible necessities when to comes to the delivery of goods to clients but purchase of packaging and delivery assets can make up a healthy portion of the annual supply chain spend.

Loss of these valuable items can therefore have a considerable impact on a business – most obviously in terms of cost but also in downtime, missed deliveries and lost custom if orders are delayed due to their unavailability.

Where do losses occur?
Your re-usable containers and pallets may just gradually fall in number as the months go on. Some are misplaced (perhaps lost in the distribution centre chasm), some find themselves hidden behind equipment in the customer’s delivery area, some get moved to a temporary location which ends up being their permanent home. And of course, many are stolen – some to order, most simply by opportunists who don’t necessarily realise their importance to your operation.

Taking criminal activity to one side, the vast majority (estimated to be in the region of 80%) of assets are simply lost at some point within the supply chain, unintentionally – and often unnoticeably.

So, what is the solution?
Efficient asset tracking. Visibility of exactly what is where at any particular point in time. With this knowledge comes the ability to plan, to avoid shortages and to implement strategies to address any areas where assets are continuously being misplaced for longer than necessary periods of time.

MDM – Mobile Device Management is just one of the services PLM Global provide to help clients stay in control of assets and save the inconvenience and costs associated with their disappearance.

Application of this most effective form of asset management reduces the risk of running out and removes the need for expensive emergency purchase or initial over-stocking to compensate.

To explore the way in which MDM technology could help your business stay in control of those, often overlooked, packaging costs and avoid the inconvenience associated with low stocks then get in touch with one of our team of experts today.

Alternatively, Contact us to find out more about how we specialise in the supply, repair and maintenance of hand-held capture devices, mobile print and EPoS hardware
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