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Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Keeping up with retail trends

Keeping up with retail trends

Whether your business is fast fashion, classic collectables or even the latest must-have gadgets, the need to satisfy today’s savvy customer is essential if your retail operation is to survive and thrive.

Fashions and trends may come and go but the retail landscape has experienced changes which are certainly here to stay. Multi-channel availability, real-time stock checking capability, next day delivery and instant, one-click or tap, purchase options mean that today’s shoppers have new expectations – and they are highly unlikely to go back to the slower, more relaxed pace of shopping trips.

How are retailers, distributors and manufacturers expected to keep up with this trend of immediacy and convenience?

There are three key elements in satisfying today’s more demanding shoppers: –

Multi-channel buying facilities – consumers have become very accustomed to their omnichannel options. Few shoppers stick to just one method of purchase and using a mix of on-line, mobile and in-store shopping is now the norm. To avoid losing any potential purchases therefore, retailers must make their goods available across all of these channels and manage their operation to handle the blend of options (and processing permutations) at the same time.

Good inventory management – If the consumer is to find their desired product successfully and easily, they need to have visibility on exactly what is available and where it is – and so do you. Products are of little use if they are simply ‘stuck’ somewhere between ‘Goods Received’ and ‘Dispatch’ so they need to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible to eliminate delay. Of course, the next stage between Dispatch and Delivery is equally important as few shoppers are blessed with the patience they may have once had, and round-the-clock fulfilment is expected.

Good price management – Bargain hunting has become somewhat of a national pastime, and today’s savvy shoppers know where to look for discount codes and how to get themselves early notification of any offers or promotions. Armed with this information, they expect to see consistent pricing online and in-store so there is little time for the old-style, manual marking down by staff and any subsequent lag in updating till information.

In short, regardless of whether the consumer of the goods you provide is reserving online, clicking and collecting, taking home delivery or browsing in your physical store, their expectations are high.

In fact, even when in-store they want a fast, seamless experience; they expect quick and accurate answers from assistants about stock levels and prices and, in preference to queuing, they want to pay via mobile devices in-store.

PLM have the answers to streamline and satisfy
Fulfilment of all of these needs is key to satisfying, converting and keeping customers and at PLM Global we have the equipment, knowledge and experience to help you achieve just that. We specialise in the supply, maintenance and repair of hand held capture devices, mobile print and EPoS hardware which means we can streamline your processes from beginning to end and give you the visibility which both you and your customers need.

Meet the increasing demands of today through excellent inventory management, accurate picking and packing and efficient dispatch and delivery – providing a service which is flawless from beginning to end. For more details on how PLM Global can help with your specific operational needs, contact our team today or visit
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