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Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Looking for low cost, durable mobiles for your staff?

Looking for low cost, durable mobiles for your staff?

Then take a look at the latest TC21/ TC26 Touch Computers range!

Deciding on the right mobile devices for your employees can be a tricky task. On one hand, you’ve got to satisfy the requirements of individual workers and the often-challenging environment in which they operate and on the other, you have to keep a sensibly close eye on cost.

These units – the TC21 with Wi-Fi connection only, or the TC26 with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity – have all the features you’ll need without the burden of additional functionality you don’t need (but still have to pay for).

The key features you’ll love include: –

Robust design – these mobiles are waterproof, dustproof and rugged enough to survive extreme temperatures and accidental drops, even onto concrete.
Optimum size – light in weight but high on visibility, the 5-inch touchscreen on these units is big enough to make sure everything is in view and essential apps can easily be accessed.
Easy operation – even with only one free hand, your workers can access what they need without any stress – with its wrist-mount, hands-free operation is no problem at all.
Camera technology – the integrated 13MP rear colour camera is perfect for taking flawlessly detailed photographs, whilst the optional 5MP front camera means video calls can be made to optimise time on site.
Scanning capability – the integrated camera is great for the occasional scan but there’s also the possibility to upgrade with a SE4710 or SE4100 dedicated enterprise-class scan engine to allow rapid capture of 1D and 2D barcodes, even when conditions are less than ideal.
Great connections – everything your workers need to stay wirelessly connected, including Wi-Fi Bluetooth, GPS and NFC (plus cellular connectivity in the case of the TC26).
Reassuring security – being the only devices in their class to offer Android 10 and its 50 + privacy improvements which make it more secure than ever.
Superior sound quality – thanks to the integrated sound amplifier the audio quality is excellent over headphones, regardless of background distractions and with VoLTE and VoWiFi support as standard the voice quality is also hard to beat.
If all of these features weren’t enough on their own there is an opportunity to upgrade and add even more functionality. For example, the purchase of a Push-to-Talk Express or Mobility DNA license to effortlessly enable PTT over your existing Wi-Fi networks. Or perhaps you need PTT over cellular networks? Not an issue with a simple subscription to Workforce Connect PTT Pro which will give an instant connection between staff in the field and those in the office.

In our opinion, these mobiles are the solution to easy, low-cost communications and we would be very happy to talk through the options which will best meet your specific needs. It’s just part of the PLM Global service which makes us the go-to experts for the supply, maintenance and repair of hand-held capture devices.

Get in touch with a member of our very helpful team to find out more about how we help our existing satisfied clients.
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