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Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Don't worry if some items show 0 stock - we have a vast amount of stock and very short lead times - get in touch today!
Rightsizing for an Optimised Future

Rightsizing for an Optimised Future

As a nation we have collectively gone through one of the most significant challenges in history. No-one could have foreseen the impact or longevity of the Coronavirus pandemic and businesses across all sectors now find themselves in a working landscape which looks very different from that of pre-COVID times.

Responding to changes in demand

Consumer demand has changed, and rapidly-emerging buying patterns may have resulted in significant drops in demand in certain areas and significant peaks elsewhere. Unplanned (and unforeseen) change can be tough to work with, but often with such a change comes the opportunity to take stock, re-think and design for a better future.

That is exactly what Rightsizing capacity is all about. Rather than Downsizing which is generally reactive and involves staff reduction to achieve immediate, short-term cost savings, Rightsizing is a pro-active process which gets an organisation to the right size and structure to meet both current and future objectives.

Yes, there may be the need for staff cuts in some parts of the operation, but there may also be a requirement to employ additional personnel in other areas. As well as shifting employees to departments where they can use their skills and knowledge for maximum positive impact, Rightsizing also considers the reallocation of other resources too, including business-critical equipment and that’s where PLM Global’s vast experience comes into play.

Our success comes from our customers’ success

We have always been passionate about our products, but we are also passionate about helping our customers to achieve the biggest possible benefit from their spend. That means we want to supply exactly the right hand-held capture devices, mobile print and EPoS hardware to help them perform more effectively, achieve greater cost-efficiencies, meet immediate targets and reach ultimate goals.

Our experience tells us that this involves them having sufficient quantities of the very best equipment across every key area (all regularly maintained for optimum performance), whilst capital tie-up and on-going expense within lower-priority processes is minimised. Getting this streamlining strategy just right is where our Solution Design Specialists come into their own.

Solutions for every unique circumstance

Aided by our armoury of solutions – Smart Sourcing, Supply & Management Services, Repair and Refurbishment, Peak Workload Support and Asset Disposal to name but a few – our Solution Design team are perfectly positioned help clients match their particular demands and consistently maintain cost-efficiency across their whole operation.

At PLM Global we are strongly supported by the leading OEMs and Independent Software Vendors, giving us choice, flexibility and an ability to offer options to our customers which allow them to grasp opportunities as they arise.

What’s more, the valuable support we have earned from our own suppliers allows us to keep an impressive demo pool of barcoding and EPoS hardware solutions for quick turnaround proof of concept or process testing. In conjunction with extensive equipment rental options and in-house repair and refurbishment capabilities, this means we have everything our customers need to ensure that their operations can stay agile and thrive.

Let PLM Global be your Rightsizing partner

If you would like to find out more about how PLM Global can support your organisation in Rightsizing capacity, simply visit




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