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Still thinking that Mobile Device Management is a luxury rather than a necessity? You may wish to think again…

Still thinking that Mobile Device Management is a luxury rather than a necessity? You may wish to think again…

Home working was already increasing in popularity before COVID-19 arrived. However, the virus – and its implications on our ability to travel and congregate – has accelerated the uptake of remote working far beyond expectation and it looks like the arrangement is here to stay.

Mobile Device Management text on modern laptop screen in office environment. 3D render illustration business text concept.With the expanded mobile workforce comes many positives, but sadly a potential headache too in ensuring that everyone can access the information they need to carry out their roles effectively, efficiently and safely. Simply granting all free entry to the company’s database from wherever they are on whatever type of device they have isn’t an option and there are 3 main reasons why Mobile Device Management (MDM) is now a ‘must have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’: –

The rapidly-growing number of devices within enterprise (including the employees own, thanks to the growing popularity of BYOD) represents a new level of risk when it comes to data security. Not only is there a potential for sensitive data to be accessed by employees who shouldn’t be privy to it, there are also infinitely more opportunities for cyber attacks to occur or for malware to be installed
through the poorly-judged opening of emails or downloading of files.MDM not only allows the installation of robust security (with automatic updates) across the board and the setting up of individual user protocols, it also allows an effective and immediate response to detected threats. That response may even involve the data wiping of any compromised devices, an ability which comes into its own when dealing with lost or stolen smartphones and tablets.
A well-managed network provides employees with exactly what they need, when they need it and with as little risk as possible, allowing them to get on with the job at hand rather than wasting precious time on ‘work arounds’ or frustrating multiple sign-ins.IT departments too have much to gain from MDM. Often set up for the management of internal systems alone, these support teams are increasingly being over-stretched by the need to take on board the complexity of the expanding device estate. The implementation of uniform standards and consolidation of tasks company-wide significantly reduces the burden of device management and releases precious IT man hours for more productive activities.
The arrival of GDPR may seem like a distant memory, but as enterprise devices increase so too does the GDPR workload. With companies wholly accountable for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) they hold, they must at all times know what it is, where it is and how it is protected.With effective MDM in place, GDPR compliance becomes so much easier. In addition, all email is totally secured, and data access defined and controlled via strict, documented protocols. Sensitive company data can be containerised and protected from misuse, significantly reducing exposure to reputational risk.
The adoption of new working arrangements has undoubtedly introduced welcomed flexibility and perhaps even allowed reduction in expensive overheads, but it has unsurprisingly also brought some new challenges in how enterprise manages and protects its most valuable of assets – it’s data. This alone has made MDM a necessity.

And if historical reasons for not having Mobile Device Management in place have been cost-based, then now is the time to reconsider. With potential increases in productivity alone, the cost balance may well fall in favour of MDM.

If you would like to consider your options and gain the peace of mind associated with having everything under control, then speak to PLM Global about our MDM solutions or contact us.
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