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The Importance of Mobile Data Capture in your Supply Chain

The Importance of Mobile Data Capture in your Supply Chain

If you work in logistics, distribution or any link in the sector that we know as supply chain, you’ll know that streamlining the process to make it as efficient as possible is completely and utterly crucial to business success. In this blog, PLM Global are looking at how our expertise can ensure the best possible outcome from start to finish.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ll probably be aware of the phenomenon of mobile data capture. Gone are the days of ticking stock inventories and writing our order slips. This is the era of digital, mobile data enhancement. At PLM Global, we’re conscious that we’re the section of the industry that makes thing exponentially easier for you – capturing data through barcode technology and handheld EPoS Machines to make everything from managing orders to delivery is as smooth as possible.

EPoS Data Capture and The Customer
In modern logistics, mobile data capture solutions aren’t a luxury – they’re a necessity. Customers are unfortunately and, frankly, rightly fickle – they need to be sure that your mobile tech is up-to-speed and can facilitate a simple ordering process and seamless delivery.

You do that by integrating smart devices, barcode scanners, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile computers and printers – all items that PLM Global can provide.

Data capture at this point in the supply chain means scanning barcodes, printing stickers and receipts, recognising customers – and much more.

Our work with Honda
A particularly good example where mobile data capture has been required comes from our work with Honda Logistics in Swindon. After a change in the security levels of their WiFi, Honda needed an update on their wrist-mounted tech – so as not to compromise their operation.

We introduced our Zebra WT6000 wrist-mounted terminal to Honda to seamlessly integrate into their system in a secure, effective way. Data capture in this scenario helped to A) improve the security of the overall operation and B) improve performance. Instantly, the benefits of mobile data capture were proved to Honda – and this case study should prove them to blog readers too.

How can we help?
Crucial to any logistics operation is the use of a robust enterprise resource planning software – and the ability to integrate it with your mobile data capture devices. At PLM Global we ensure that all of our devices can be fully integrated with your system – making your supply chain incredibly easy to manage.

All of your systems – whether that’s a WMS or a CRM tool – need to feed into your mobile machines. It’s the only way to keep a truly fluid process going, and to keep your customers happy.

Mobile data capture isn’t something you can pass by – it’s an essential part of your supply chain. To integrate it fully into your system with efficiency and ease, get in touch with us or fill in our online form. We’ll do the rest.
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