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Why successful fleet management is more about portable devices than heavy goods vehicles

Why successful fleet management is more about portable devices than heavy goods vehicles

Very visible breakdowns – for example, of manufacturing plants, process machinery or delivery vehicles – demand immediate attention.
Everyone knows the time and money involved in having something lying idle, especially when it is vital to a specific procedure or, indeed, to the entire business. Few organisations would overlook the maintenance needs of critical equipment or simply accept continued failures or sub-standard operation; issues would be addressed quickly to minimise both financial risk and the potential reduction in the quality of products.

The small army of mobile devices in use within the retail, distribution and manufacturing industry may be less obvious than a production line or an articulated lorry, however, their ‘breakdown’ can actually have a far greater impact upon productivity and a far deeper impact on cost.

Scanners, tablets and mobile printers are used at every critical point of the delivery journey. Their on-going efficient operation is key to the entire process. If specific applications fail to work, if the connection drops or even if batteries fail, the knock-on effects can be significantly inconvenient – and extremely costly.

A worldwide report carried out by VDC Research, in conjunction with software provider SOTI, estimated the loss in productivity to be 100 to 110 minutes every time a connection was lost – amounting to around 23% of a mobile worker’s daily shift!

Multiply this by the hundreds (or even thousands) of devices per company and the number of employees utilising the technology within their key activities and the impact of lost connection alone is staggering…

At PLM Global we have often talked and written, about companies’ abilities to meet the demand of today’s savvy consumer who expects far more visibility on availability and much shorter delivery times. Knowing that the ability to meet these modern targets is directly connected to the reliability and efficiency of an operation’s mobile devices, it’s easy to see why their continued maintenance
and management is not only important, but essential.

The effective management of device lifecycles, performance and updates (such as adding and deleting user details) is all part of the PLM Global productivity solution. As well as ensuring that the very best equipment is sourced and used in the first instance, we ensure that our clients continue to reap the full benefits of their hand-held capture devices, mobile print and EPoS hardware and don’t allow breakdowns to impact productivity in any way.

If you would like to know more about the PLM Global approach to Mobile Device Management please contact us here or get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your own specific needs.
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