EPOS disposal services that let you know the job’s done

EPOS disposal can sometimes be more complicated than it has to be.

It pays to do your research when exploring EPOS disposal partners and services when you’re looking to improve your business’s carbon footprint and go greener.

But how can EPOS disposal increase your carbon footprint, though? Surely just disposing of old, broken or defunct technology is a sign that you’re making an effort to help the planet?

Not necessarily – and, again, it pays to do some research on the topic if you find yourself in this situation. EPOS disposal can be inherently good; but only if you do it in the right way.

Generally, whenever a piece of electronic equipment breaks or fails in some way – from something as small as in-ear headphones to larger equipment such as point-of-sale touchscreen tills and tech – a lot of people will simply throw it in the trash.

They can equate that move with jettisoning old equipment and reinvesting in more energy-efficient technology, thus making them and their company ‘go greener’.

This is only partly true, though. While investing in greener and more energy-efficient equipment is indeed a good way to improve a brand’s carbon footprint, they’ve already added to it exponentially by sending their old technology to landfill.

Even something as seemingly insignificant and small as those in-ear headphones we mentioned earlier can have quite the impact on the environment. Technology has come such a long way in such an extremely short space of time that its construction can be taken for granted.

Even small in-ear headphones have toxic chemicals and components harmful to the environment in their make-up, from batteries to mercury, small computer chips that take decades to break down and much more besides.

When they do break down, too, those hazardous materials will seep into the earth around it and damage the environment and surrounding ecosystems – even if you do consider it as ‘just landfill’, it still has a wide-ranging negative impact on the wider environment by sending technology there.

Some firms will promise ‘proper’ EPOS disposal services, too, but again it pays to do some research and digging of your own to learn of their processes and if that company is indeed helping your brand to become more ethical and environmentally-friendly.

Working with a trusted disposal provider on a bespoke basis can help – but how do you identify which is the right one for you?

Simple: an expert in disposing of EPOS and other technological equipment will guide you through the process in a transparent manner, be fully WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant and work with government-accredited partners.

They will also go to great lengths to show their processes so you can be confident your business is taking the right steps to going greener.

They will provide data destruction certifications by serial number – something that you can show to customers and clients if they should ever ask what measures the business is taking to help the environment.

They will also strip technology of those harmful precious metals and toxins as well as protecting privacy by shredding and wiping HDD data and more. An all-in-one disposal solution that takes you to the next level and works for your business.

Find out more about how a trusted and experienced EPOS disposal service can help your company go green by speaking to the PLM Global team today.