EPOS solutions for business looking to grow

EPOS solutions can be a fantastic way for brands to increase momentum on their growth journey and take the next step.

EPOS solutions – when considered as part of a wider growth strategy and business plan – can be a great way to increase productivity, increase efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

EPOS solutions are available as a wide range of technical solutions, from smaller handheld instruments such as card readers and barcode printers to larger units such as supermarket self-scanners and large-scale kiosks at fast food restaurants.

The right EPOS solutions can be used to quicken up payments, let shoppers buy products at their own leisure, direct people to other departments, let them know if an item is in stock at the warehouse, ethically collect consumer data and sign them up to membership schemes, and more.

For a business with a plan and looking to grow at a fast pace, investing in an army of EPOS solutions can initially be expensive, though. At the same time, too, if the plan isn’t watertight or a change in market trends happens at short notice, then those expensive units could quickly become obsolete.

That’s why we think the best initial investment when it comes to EPOS could be with an experienced technology and repair solutions provider that’s trusted and works with a wide range of clients on a bespoke basis.

The right partner, for example, will be able to work with you to help advise you on your plans for purchasing EPOS equipment. Better yet, they should also be able to provide you and the business with like-new equipment, refurbished to incredible standards.

Using that EPOS equipment to start your brand’s growth journey doesn’t just make economic sense (as it can be more cost-effective than buying new systems), but it can also be a brilliant way to test your plans and see if your strategy is sound and able to take hold in the long-term.

Working with a respected partner on a bespoke basis will grant you access to that equipment thanks to their network of connections and by being in tune with the wider circular economy.

Better yet, and if you’ve already purchased some EPOS units, that partner can also be a handy ‘Plan B’, providing the business with efficient repair solutions to fix your technology should an accident ever occur.

Whilst it’s being repaired, too, that partner will be able to provide backup EPOS units to the business to minimise any potential downtime and to keep processes flowing. That support can be invaluable – especially for businesses and brands serious about their growth journey who are looking to reach their goals quickly.

Similarly, too, that partner will be able to keep your EPOS systems in top working order through regular maintenance solutions. They should also be able to provide a fair buy back system for when the business wants to recycle any old technology it has, to recycle it and reintroduce it to the circular economy.

Find out more about the potential growth benefits of partnering with an EPOS solutions provider by speaking to the team at PLM Global today.