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COVID Policy

Here at PLM Global, we have taken several steps to ensure continuity of supply and service for our customers during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we want to assure you that we’re here to assist with all of your product lifestyle maintenance needs and help your business through the ‘new normal’.

We are continually monitoring all advice and measures issued by the Government and Health Bodies regarding COVID-19, and we have taken many steps to ensure continuity of supply and service for our customers:

  1. We now have 2 UK based repair, rental and refurbishments sites. One in Portishead and one in Nottingham. This gives us some degree of resilience in that we are not dependant on a single site and have less EU supply chain requirements. We believe this is important to our customers to know that locally, there is a trusted, flexible and responsive service available.
  1. We have increased our available stock of handheld computers to be able to supply refurbished units, additional buffer stock or short-term rental facilities for our customers to increase the capability and reduce the dependence on international supply chains.
  1. Where projects for new equipment have needed to be delayed, we can provide services to support and maintain your older equipment until business conditions improve. We will support shorter term service agreements for periods as short as 3 months to support customer in this time of uncertainty.
  1. All customers visiting the PLM Global office must wear the correct PPE and follow the social distancing guidelines.
  1. All of our workers continue to be socially distant, with continuous sanitising.