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Social Distancing in Logistics – why choosing the right Barcode Scanner is essential

Social Distancing in Logistics – why choosing the right Barcode Scanner is essential

Every Transport & Logistics Operator understands the value of the reliable and accurate transfer of data via hand-held devices, barcode scanners and barcodes. The use of this technology ensures that inventories can be efficiently maintained, orders can be fulfilled, deliveries can be made on time, and customers can be satisfied.

These needs have become even more critical in recent times when there has been added pressure put on those companies trusted to keep commerce moving and keep households supplied with everything they need during the Coronavirus pandemic.

But, with the requirement to maintain social distancing to keep everyone safe from the transmission of COVID-19, the accurate gathering and recording of data now also has to be made without the risk of close contact. The ability to do this is not always a given and that is why choice of the hand-held device has become so important to Transport & Logistics companies who want to ensure that they are protecting both their employees and the customers they are delivering to.

How can we help?
At PLM we specialise in the supply, repair and maintenance of hand-held capture devices, mobile print and EPoS hardware. This means that we have the perfect solution for every application, even if we have to take more unconventional needs – such as scanning from a safe distance – into consideration.

Our ‘plug & play’ barcode scanning options offer all of the benefits which operators value – usability, durability, suitability and accuracy, even with the most difficult-to-read barcodes. Perhaps their most valuable feature under current operating conditions however is the fact that they can be so reliably used when contactless and socially-distanced deliveries are a necessity.

Even if organisations already have their own iOS systems, we can help. Our comprehensive range includes solutions where consumer grade smartphones can be transformed into highly effective 2D barcode scanners, allowing instant access to critical information even when labelling is poorly printed or damaged. As well as limiting exposure time for all concerned, these systems are designed to withstand the sometimes challenging environments a typical delivery day might bring and include disinfectant-ready housing to allow quick and effective sanitisation.

Of course, every solution we offer our clients at PLM Global has the power management capability and long product lifecycle which your business needs to reduce downtime and maximise productivity, so there’s no compromising on the ‘business as usual’ needs in order to meet the new social distancing ones.

Get in touch!
If you think we could help you meet your specific needs and responsibilities then get in touch with our helpful team and to see the full range we can supply, repair and maintain.
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