Lower your carbon footprint with a barcode printer buy back service

Barcode printer buy back – it’s a great way to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint whilst also topping up your business’s budget.

What is a barcode printer buy back service, though, and how can it help companies of all shapes and sizes do the above?

It’s easy – and it doesn’t just revolve around barcode printer buy back. It’s a service that can cover all kinds of handheld computers, scanners and office equipment that is sitting around the office unused or is simply now obsolete in your eyes.

Simply put, a barcode printer buy back service simply translates into this: unlocking the value of your old equipment.

By working with a trusted and experienced partner in the field of handheld technology repair, you can become part of the circular economy and help breathe new life into old equipment, ready for another business to use and grow alongside.

Working with a team like this on a bespoke basis means building a strong relationship where they will offer you a fair price for your old equipment, helping you to generate funds for the brand to focus on the next stage of growth and clearing out space for new equipment to take centre stage in your office or warehouse.

That’s the budget part taken care of, but how does a bespoke barcode printer buy back service help companies to reduce their carbon footprint and become that bit more environmentally-friendly?

This is partly why we mention barcode printer technology in an all-round capacity. If yours is a business that uses small, handheld barcode printers on a daily basis, then you’ll no doubt be enjoying the efficiency they can provide and how much they improve workflows for employees.

Small hardware like handheld barcode printers though – including handheld scanners and other computers – are all made up of extremely small, intricate parts. That can include metals that aren’t the best for the environment, especially their small batteries that are filled with chemicals.

Businesses have a choice when it comes to disposing of old equipment like this and, sadly, people often choose to just throw them in the bin alongside other trash when it’s time to say goodbye.

This obviously isn’t done with any malice, but more so a lack of realisation at the harm handheld hardware such as mobile barcode printers can do at landfill sites to the environment. Batteries, over time, leak those toxic chemicals and small chips filled with harmful metals can also do damage.

There is another choice, and that’s where a trusted and experienced refurbishment team comes in. Working on a bespoke basis, they can buy old equipment from you at a fair price or even just take old technology from you to make sure it’s recycled properly and doesn’t end up in landfill.

That is a conscious contribution your business is making to the environment, and one that will help to gradually contribute to making the brand that bit more greener over time.

Find out more about the benefits of working alongside a trusted barcode printer buy back specialist by speaking to the PLM Global team today!