Datalogic maintenance helps keep your business out in front

Datalogic maintenance solutions can be extremely useful for businesses with their own logistics departments or brands that operate in that vertical.

How, though? It’s simple – if your logistics arm or business invests in a lot of handheld Datalogic equipment for day-to-day operations, then regular Datalogic maintenance from a trusted partner could help to keep the budget healthy and workflows optimal at all times.

First though, a word on Datalogic. They’re one of the leading lights internationally in the field of technology, producing incredible hardware and software solutions, and specifically like to invest in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets.

That mission statement is reflected in Datalogic’s excellent handheld scanners and other hardware solutions that can be found in warehouses and logistics businesses throughout the globe – and is arguably the main reason why a bespoke Datalogic maintenance repair service from an expert makes so much sense.

That’s because, due to their excellent build quality and incredible efficiency for certain workflows, Datalogic hardware can come at a premium depending on how many handheld systems you need and for what purpose they’re needed.

Datalogic’s handheld tools can be well worth the investment – but if you don’t set out a proper Datalogic maintenance and repair strategy, then your budget could be hit hard from the moment you decide to invest in them.

The reason is simple – accidents happen in the workplace, and despite the excellence of Datalogic’s handheld scanners and systems, they’re not indestructible.

Like all handheld computers and scanners, Datalogic’s systems are made from incredibly fine, small parts. A heavy fall from height or some other unforeseen circumstance within a busy logistics centre (or even outside if delivery staff need to take them out on the road) can damage them like any other piece of equipment.

This is where a bespoke Datalogic maintenance strategy as part of a partnership with an expert and trusted provider could be a lifesaver for any business using handheld Datalogic technology.

Regularly having to reorder, replace and update Datalogic equipment – whether on an individual basis or in bulk – can become costly over time and hit warehouse managers’ budgets hard.

That expense can also add negatively to a company’s carbon footprint through the environmental costs associated with the creation of new units, packaging, delivery to your business, and other factors, too.

A bespoke handheld hardware repair strategy, whereby a team of experts regularly perform maintenance on your equipment – Datalogic or otherwise – can be more affordable than constantly ordering new units when all they need is a bit of TLC.

Those experts will also work alongside you to keep that hardware and its systems optimal, to make sure your logistics setup is always working to its potential. And, if any units are beyond saving, they will dispose of them properly instead of them being sent to landfill – the latter another way your business could be increasing its carbon footprint.

Find out more about the budget and workflow benefits of regular Datalogic maintenance with a trusted provider by speaking to the PLM Global team today.