Circular Economy

Make PLM's circular economy solution work for you

Need new devices now but aren’t yet ready for a full technology refresh?

Purchase or rent our Certified Refurbished Devices! For a reduced price, you will have access to professionally refurbished technology which has been through vigorous testing.

Have devices you aren’t using?

Sell them back to PLM. That’s right, we will buy back old devices that you are no longer using.

What does PLM do with old and unused devices?

If we can, we will refurbish the products and circulate them back into the market. If however, the devise can’t be refurbished we will safely recycle them to ensure they do not end up in landfill – if you have any devices that you are thinking about throwing away, please get in touch as we can recycle the for free.

Circular economy – it’s good for you, and it’s good for the environment, win-win.

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Here’s why you should choose PLM Global as your hardware partner:

Over 50 Years Of Shared Experience
Working With 60+ National and Global Brands
Excellent Relationship Management
Unrivalled Technical Expertise
Circular Economy – Buy Back Solution

Found that you no longer have any use for old equipment? We will purchase it from you! Here at PLM, we offer the best market pricing for all redundant barcode and EPoS hardware. Due to our truly global client base, we are able to maximise on the potential reutilisation of equipment, avoiding unnecessary landfill waste. Straight purchase & revenue share models.

  • Helps put cash back into clients IT budgets
  • Can be used as credits for other PLM services or supply of new equipment
  • Logistics support
  • Asset reporting with full product details by serial number