Refurbished barcode scanners and printers can help your business grow

Refurbished barcode scanners and printers can be a great way for smaller businesses to take the next step in their growth journey in a budget-friendly way.

How can refurbished barcode hardware help smaller brands do that, though?

It’s easy – by partnering with an experienced and trusted hardware refurbishment team on a bespoke basis, smaller companies can get access to the circular economy and a huge range of business equipment for their needs.

The circular economy is extremely helpful for smaller businesses who may need equipment that’s typically out of their budget, or need to test some more affordable refurbished barcode hardware to see if it’s right for them and if it can complement their overall growth plans.

The truth is that purchasing handheld retail or logistics hardware such as scanners and printers can really hit small business budgets hard, especially if CEOs, CFOs, warehouse managers or others give the green light to invest their hopes on leading names in the mobile technology industry.

While an investment into a batch of Zebra, Toshiba, Datalogic, Honeywell or other leading mobile technology brands can be a great solution for most businesses, sometimes they may just not be the right fit for where the business currently is and what it wants to be.

It’s an honest mistake to make – but one that can be costly, especially if the smaller business is inexperienced in the field of mobile technology, what it can do and how to use it to optimise workflows for growth.

That’s where an expert refurbished barcode hardware provider can work with your small business on a bespoke basis, to help find both the hardware and software to match your growth ambitions with a circular economy strategy that can grant you access to those leading brands and more at a more affordable price.

That refurbished barcode hardware will be in like-new condition, too; available with minimum warranties of 90 days. Better yet, your partner will also be able to offer your business rental options, to test the equipment first and see if it’s what you need to take your company to the next level.

Working with a partner with strong relationships across the circular economy could also be a way for brands to add to their budget, too.

If the brand has already tried to experiment with mobile hardware or is holding onto units in need of repair, then your partner will offer to purchase them from you at a fair price so they can be brought back to life and become part of the circular economy.

Also, if you have units that have no hope of being saved, then your partner will take them off your hands entirely to dispose of them properly, so they don’t cause any environmental damage by going to landfill.

The circular economy can help businesses explore more of their growth potential, and when you’ve found what works for you, the right partner will help you to plan ahead and find the hardware and software solutions that will take your brand to the next level.

Find out more about the circular economy and how investing in handheld refurbished barcode technology can help you grow your business by speaking to PLM Global today.