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PLM Global supports customers across multiple industry verticals –including Warehousing, Transport & Logistics, Seaports, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Field Mobility. Not one of those? We’d love to hear from you.

We have a global supply chain of hardware and software partners that run from Aures to Zebra. It’s an extensive, world brand list that immediately inspires trust in optimising your business, by making it faster, simpler and more agile. If you want to join our list of suppliers, just get in touch.

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There are many ways for us to help you manage your budgets, and for us to exceed your expectations. We’ll give you faster ROI by supplying you with exactly what you need. Our experienced consultants can guide you through the vast range of rugged mobile products and applications to find the ideal short or long-term solution for your business.

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Here’s why you should choose PLM Global as your hardware partner:

Over 50 Years Of Shared Experience
Working With 60+ National and Global Brands
Excellent Relationship Management
Unrivalled Technical Expertise