A barcode maintenance service helps to keep compliance standards high

Barcode maintenance is an extremely important thing for businesses that make use of mobile scanners and similar hardware to consider.

That can be done by partnering with a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted barcode maintenance service on a bespoke basis; an expert provider of hardware maintenance solutions who will work alongside your business to support you and make sure your mobile technology is always in great working condition.

But why is barcode maintenance so important to businesses? One reason why it’s worth partnering with an expert maintenance provider is data compliance.

Barcodes, by their very nature, are essentially data. Barcodes themselves are the physical representation of customers’ data, while the scanning technology transmits it to relevant interdepartmental software in safe, secure ways.

The efficiency barcode scanning provides businesses can help them pivot quickly and potentially reach their growth goals in a much faster way, if they can streamline data-led operations and know how to process it in the right ways.

But by the same measure, customers’ barcode data has to be treated as safely and stored as securely as any other piece of data that they choose to submit to your business for whatever purpose.

In the case of barcodes, they’re typically on packages being delivered to people which contain names, addresses and other highly-sensitive information.

Nowhere is this more important, too, than in the pharmaceuticals industry where barcodes containing the same information is complemented by extremely personal medical data and other information.

That’s why effective and efficient barcode maintenance is so important in a regulatory and compliance sense. Compliance with regulations and standards related to inventory tracking, traceability, and labelling is essential.

Barcode maintenance ensures that your systems meet these requirements, reducing the risk of compliance issues occurring and your brand committing any data privacy breaches or falling foul of GDPR regulations.

Mobile barcode scanning technology such as handheld terminals and mobile printers don’t just transmit data; they can store it, too. That’s why, if a unit that processes barcodes and their data breaks, then it’s important for the business to either get the units fixed or dispose of them properly instead of just sending them to landfill.

If they aren’t disposed of properly there’s the chance that the damaged units could be recovered by nefarious actors who know how to extract barcode data from them, meaning your business would be in breach of data privacy and protection laws.

Regular maintenance from a trusted partner not only keeps your mobile barcode scanners and handheld printers in great working order on a bespoke basis.

Your repair solutions provider will also be able to dispose of any broken or unwanted units in a safe, secure and ethical manner to make sure units’ data is fully wiped and the damaged units won’t cause any harm to the environment, either, as they would do if sent to landfill.

That gives your business confidence that compliance standards are always kept high, thanks to your experienced maintenance solutions provider.

Find out more about why regular barcode maintenance from a trusted team is so important by speaking to the PLM Global team today.