The real strength behind EPOS buy back services lies in the community

EPOS buy back – it’s well worth partnering with a trusted service provider for a number of commercial reasons.

Whenever an electronic point of sale (EPOS) solution becomes irreparable then the temptation is there to just throw it in the bin with the rest of the trash or send it directly to landfill.

That’s never a good idea. Technology like EPOS systems contain a lot of batteries, metals and other small parts that are harmful to the environment, and sending them to landfill will contribute to raising your brand’s wider carbon footprint.

Working alongside an experienced EPOS buy back service can be so much better. Their knowledgeable team will be able to properly dispose of and break down the tech to drastically reduce any harm it may potentially cause the environment, helping to lower your brand’s own carbon impact.

Not just for EPOS systems, either. That can go for any and every piece of technology that breaks at your company – but there’s little doubt that there can be a high rate of churn with EPOS systems due to their position on the front lines, servicing your customers and making employees more efficient.

The positive ethical and environmental benefits of working with a trusted EPOS buy back provider are there for all to see, but there’s a part to the service that sometimes flies under the radar – the power and commitment of the community network behind it.

Because a great EPOS buy back service isn’t just about disposing of broken technology. The right partner will also be able to purchase equipment that your brand will simply have no use or need for, even if it’s still in working order.

You may be switching technology because you simply want an upgrade or are switching to another brand. You may not even want to dispose of it, and are content to let it sit in storage for ever more.

But why do that when an EPOS buy back service can purchase your company’s old tech from you for a fair price?

Not only will you be earning money from your old systems and freeing up valuable storage space, but you’re also giving it the chance to be repaired and be useful for a long-time to come, helping others out as part of the broader circular economy.

Old or broken technology doesn’t need to be broken down or destroyed. With the right care, attention and know-how, it can be restored to like-new condition and be a valuable, affordable piece of equipment for new, smaller businesses or those that need an EPOS solution to take the next step.

Contributing to the circular economy in that way strengthens communities and allows new partnerships to be forged and friends to be met – all through networking through a commitment to breathing new life into old technology that still has a purpose to fulfil.

What could be better than that?

Find out more about the amazing community benefits an established EPOS buy back service can provide by speaking to a PLM Global representative today.