Refurbished EPOS tech can help your brand and others grow

Investing in refurbished EPOS technology is a great way to grow your business and optimise its processes for the benefits of your employees and your customers.

In a similar way, selling your old technology to a trusted partner allows your business to generate funds from damaged or obsolete units, with that refurbished EPOS technology helping to grow other brands as part of the circular economy.

For us, using and donating refurbished EPOS technology is a win-win for everybody, especially if you partner with a trusted provider who has been providing these services for decades.

First, we want to touch on why it’s worth investing in refurbished EPOS technology and exploring the wider circular economy to grow your brand and take it to the next level.

Refurbished EPOS technology and equipment – whether it’s mobile payment terminals for use in an eatery, touchscreen systems for a retail environment, handheld scanners and computers for use in logistics environments or other – is far more affordable than buying equipment from new.

Even better, when supplied by a trusted provider and partner, you should expect it that equipment to have been refurbished to a ‘like-new’ state, meaning you and your employees will get a lot of life from it when integrating it into your business.

Purchasing from the circular economy in this way can also be much cleaner and greener than buying EPOS technology from new which involves the creation of the equipment, packaging, shipping and delivery of the EPOS units.

EPOS equipment purchased from the circular economy is much more eco-friendly and actively goes a long way to reducing your brand’s carbon footprint if your business invests in this methodology over the long-term.

On the other hand, participating in the circular economy in this way is also a great way for brands to open new revenue streams if they have old or damaged EPOS equipment that they no longer need or use.

The right partner will be able to purchase old EPOS equipment from them for a fair price, taking it from their hands in the knowledge that it will either be repaired and repurposed for the circular economy or disposed of properly so it doesn’t harm the environment.

There are other benefits to working with a partner experienced in the circular economy, too. They will have access to EPOS equipment, for instance, that your brand and key team members can make use of for less than it costs to buy equipment from new.

So, if you’d like to try this new equipment and see the possibilities it can bring to optimise your internal and external systems and processes, it can be done in a more affordable way than buying expensive EPOS equipment from new.

And the benefit of working alongside a good partner on a bespoke basis, too, is they will work alongside you to help you find the right equipment for your needs to help the brand grow and take the next step in its wider journey.

PLM Global’s expert team can help you learn more about the benefits of using refurbished EPOS technology and can purchase old units from you for a fair price. Contact us today!