Extend the life of warehouse tech with Honeywell maintenance

Honeywell maintenance – especially when performed on a regular basis – could be a path to faster business growth.

Consistent Honeywell maintenance from a trusted partner with a knowledgeable team experienced in repairing Honeywell technology could also be good for the budget and the brand’s bottom line – but how?

Simple. Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of handheld technology; the kind of technology that’s used in warehouses and logistics firms across the world.

They’re extremely popular in a commercial sense because of Honeywell’s innovative approach to technology, with the firm investing in transformative tech to create new solutions for a wide range of sectors which even includes the aerospace vertical.

That approach can also be seen in its mobile technology, from handheld scanners to terminals, printers and much more besides. This is also why we think a regular, scheduled and bespoke Honeywell maintenance service can be so important.

It’s because of Honeywell’s approach to innovative technology that their mobile units can be a pricier option for CFOs to consider when it comes to logistics, depending on what they need at the time.

We believe a considered investment into Honeywell’s handheld technology can be worth it, though. And, with a Honeywell maintenance service provided by a trusted partner, you could get a far greater return on investment from your Honeywell handhelds than you think.

Not only is Honeywell handheld technology very efficient, but it’s also designed to be scalable, meaning their mobile units could be the perfect partner to spur your brand’s growth journey and improve your logistical capabilities.

That doesn’t mean Honeywell products are infallible, though. They can become damaged like any and every piece of handheld technology, no matter how robust, and there can be an increased risk of breakages in fast-paced logistic environments such as warehouses and storerooms.

Also, there’s the possibility of accidents happening when units are out on the road with delivery drivers – units getting dropped on pavements or roads, for instance, or other issues.

When a problem like that occurs, CFOs and logistics managers often feel the best approach is the quickest and simplest, buying new Honeywell units – but the opposite can be true.

Again, constantly buying new Honeywell units could hit budgets hard, and it’s also not the most optimal or energy-efficient method of fixing the problem.

They can be expensive when considering the cost is for a replacement unit, there’s time to wait for delivery and setting them up, and the actual creation of, packaging and delivery of new units can add to your company’s carbon footprint.

Honeywell maintenance can be much quicker when performed by a reliable expert, problems can be quicker to resolve, and downtime in the business can be minimised with your partner providing you with a replacement unit while they get the malfunctioning unit to like-new condition.

It’s also the greener option too, with a trusted partner also able to purchase old or broken equipment from you for a fair price, to either reintroduce it to the circular economy or dispose of your electronics in a more environmentally friendly way than sending them to landfill.

Honeywell maintenance is a great way to get a better ROI from your mobile units, alongside a number of other advantages. Find out more from PLM Global today!