Bespoke EPOS maintenance could optimise your brand’s performance

EPOS maintenance, when performed on a regular basis by a trusted partner, could help to optimise your brand’s overall performance.

The key is in the name – Electronic Point Of Sale. Hardware designed to make the purchasing experience more efficient for users of your products and services; whether that’s buying something through an EPOS till at a retail store or paying in a quicker way at a restaurant.

EPOS maintenance in a bespoke way with a trusted service provider can help to keep those units performing in an optimal way at all times, whether they’re providing customer-facing solutions or are used in other ways for your business behind the scenes.

But how can regular EPOS maintenance do that, and how could it contribute to the wider growth of the business?

It’s quite simple, and again, the clue lies in the EPOS acronym. ‘Point of sale’ technology is something that’s typically interacted with on an almost constant basis.

That makes them more likely to suffer a breakage or potential fault than other business technology, which is why we’ll typically advise on regular EPOS maintenance if units are used in your operations – especially in customer-facing scenarios.

Because as well as improving business efficiency, EPOS units have another key role to play in your daily operations – keeping customers happy and giving them a pleasant experience when they interact with your brand.

We believe that regular EPOS maintenance is the best way to keep units working optimally and keeping customers and clients happy.

EPOS units can be expensive, depending on the make and model you purchase and the role they need to fulfil. In our experience, you do get what you pay for when it comes to EPOS technology, especially units with touchscreens that are interacted with often.

If a unit physically breaks or there’s an issue with its software, then the downtime of said unit could potentially have a negative impact on your business.

Not just financially with missed sales opportunities, but in terms of customer frustration with added queue time to use other units or a unit performing slowly, which will reflect badly on your brand.

Regular maintenance in a bespoke way with a trusted team of experts knowledgeable in EPOS systems could mitigate those problems by catching them before they happen and help to keep EPOS units in like-new condition.

Whether a hardware or software issue, regular maintenance can help to reduce the chances of downtime, with your partner also able to provide replacement units should problems be serious.

Their experts will also be able to provide advice on how to optimise your business operations further with regards to EPOS hardware and software to help improve internal and external performance; something that could help optimise your brand and improve its bottom line.

Regular maintenance can also be more affordable than purchasing new EPOS units and is a greener solution, too, with your partner able to reintroduce old hardware back to the circular economy after purchasing it for a fair price, or disposing of your electronics in an environmentally friendly way.

Find out more about the potential business optimisation benefits of a regular EPOS maintenance service by speaking to the PLM Global team today.