Get stable logistics growth with a barcode printer supply partner

Working with the right barcode printer supply partner can help to boost a logistics business’s long-term growth potential.

There’s more good news – a bespoke barcode printer supply service that works alongside you and your team isn’t just handy for logistics brands.

The right barcode printer supply partner can work with smaller brands who dispatch their own products and parcels via their internal distribution arms, larger brands who have access to warehouse space, brands looking to invest in these types of services and everybody in between.

But how does a barcode printer supply specialist, working with your brand on a bespoke basis, potentially boost your business’s growth potential?

The theory’s simple (and we’ve seen it in action ourselves as a trusted barcode printer supply partner) and underlines the bespoke nature of the service a specialist can provide.

Put simply, the right partner will be able to provide you with access to best-in-class hardware, parts and stock for a huge range of mobile printer brands, thanks to their direct professional partnerships with the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

That, in turn, allows you as a CEO, CFO, warehouse manager or other key leaders across the business to improve your internal distribution potential, optimising your warehouse and dispatch processes to realign your internal processes alongside your wider growth plans and goals.

The right partner – a trusted supplier with decades of experience in the field – will also work alongside you to help identify where time savings and process optimisations can be made internally with alternative mobile hardware that benefits your growth plans and helps your employees.

That latter point especially can be a growth roadblock for brands of all shapes and sizes. Let’s come full circle and return to mobile barcode printers as an example.

Mobile barcode printers are especially useful on the warehouse floor and for small businesses looking to ramp up their distribution potential. Combined with other mobile hardware such as scanners, warehouse employees can quickly print off labels and gather data to speed up the dispatch process.

The caveat though is that, due to the hectic nature of the warehouse, mobile barcode printers can be easily dropped, damaged and broken, essentially taking that employee out of commission and slowing down the warehouse.

Mobile barcode printers can be expensive, too, depending on brand and model. Constantly re-ordering printers to replace damaged models can become expensive, and the time taken between ordering and their arrival – alongside having to set up the software and more – can really hit a brand’s bottom line.

These problems can be offset by working with the right partner on a bespoke basis. Not only could they source better, more affordable hardware for your warehouse, but they can also repair units to get them to like-new condition and provide backups for a fraction of the cost of buying from new.

This service, alongside performing regular routine maintenance, can improve the ROI of each mobile unit – printer, scanner or otherwise – to keep your warehouse processes flowing seamlessly and giving your brand a greater chance of reaching its growth goals.

Want to find out more about the advantages of partnering with a barcode printer supply specialist on a bespoke basis? Speak to a member of the PLM Global team today to see what we can do for you.