EPOS buy back could open another revenue stream for your brand

Building a relationship with a trusted EPOS buy back specialist could help to open a new revenue stream for your business.

That’s not all. Working with an experienced EPOS buy back provider on a bespoke basis can also go a long way to helping cut your brand’s wider carbon footprint, too, making it operate in a cleaner and greener way.

But how can working alongside an EPOS buy back service do all that for your brand? It’s simple really – especially if you do your research and partner with a team that has decades of experience in the field and works alongside your brand to repurpose or properly dispose of your old hardware.

A good EPOS buy back service will have access to a vast supplier and customer network that they have worked hard over the years to build and maintain, giving their partners the benefit of those relationships when they have old, damaged or broken hardware that they would like to dispose of.

This key need is the crux of a good EPOS buy back service. Businesses – whether large or small, across different verticals and sectors – make use of a huge range of EPOS or mobile equipment to help optimise their processes and streamline their own services for the benefit of their own customers.

That can be by using EPOS equipment as simple as mobile payment terminals at cafes and restaurants to speed up payments for customers, EPOS terminals within supermarkets that offer people an alternative checkout experience, handheld scanners and mobile printers within logistics environments, and many other practical professional scenarios.

Though EPOS equipment typically comes with many positive features and are brilliant ways to help streamline a business, there can be caveats to using them. Probably the main drawback – if it can even be called that – is how much they have to be handled and touched on a daily basis.

That not only speeds up natural wear and tear, but it also makes EPOS technology more prone to accidents such as droppages and other similar accidents. For a lot of businesses, replacing that equipment becomes a regular (and expensive) outlay absorbed by the budget, with old equipment either sitting somewhere to gather dust around the business or thrown away to landfill.

This is where a good buy back service offers an alternative. First, the landfill option can be highly damaging to the environment. EPOS equipment is full of batteries, metals and other small parts that can release harmful toxins – directly attributable to your business and how it disposes of old technology.

There is a better way. A partner can take old EPOS equipment from you to dismantle it properly and dispose of parts in clean ways, helping to reduce your wider carbon footprint.

And, in most scenarios, old or damaged EPOS equipment can be repaired to like-new condition. A trusted partner can buy this from you, offering fair prices to repurpose EPOS equipment and reintroduce it to the circular economy – opening a new revenue stream to you and seeing your brand participate in an ethical form of EPOS recycling.

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