Keep all your barcode consumables in great working order

Barcode consumables are an extremely important part of a huge range of businesses across the majority of sectors and verticals.

But what do barcode consumables look like? They’re typically extremely important to the efficiency of a brand – especially those businesses with distribution arms, warehouses, retail and more – but are often overlooked because of their diminutive nature.

Small in size, barcode consumables are usually mobile and can include barcode printers, mobile computers and terminals, mobile scanners, mobile all-in-one barcode printers and scanners, ring scanners, truck mount computers, and more.

The ability to quickly print barcode stickers and scan others is what a massive number of modern businesses are built on.

Barcodes are essentially data, and being able to immediately scan and transmit vital information to employees, customers and other departments in less than a second has helped companies across the world to become more efficient and grow at an extremely fast pace.

Not bad for handheld barcode consumables, eh? Though efficient and a great way to process data, they can sometimes be fragile and are prone to being dropped, causing breakages and other problems should an accident occur- especially if the barcode consumables your company uses aren’t always kept or stored in the best condition.

Again, their mobile nature and the often-frantic pace of the environments where they’re most typically used, such as warehouses, means they can be left to the side at the end of the day or be placed in dangerous areas, increasing the risk of damage, if a proper storage policy isn’t in place.

And having just one unit damaged could potentially disrupt the flow of the entire business operation. At the very least it could take an employee out of the line until the problem is fixed; either way, not looking after your consumables or having a Plan B in place could eventually hit the brand’s bottom line.

That’s why we believe it’s worth partnering with a trusted tech repair specialist on a bespoke basis to keep your mobile hardware in top condition at all times, to keep software updated, and make any necessary repairs to reduce the potential of any downtime should accidents happen.

Better yet, an experienced specialist team will be a fantastic Plan B, able to provide backup barcode units and other handheld technology to the business while repairs are being made – again, to mitigate any downtime and make sure processes are always flowing as seamlessly as possible.

A good partner will also be able to work with you to suggest ways to optimise both your business hardware and software, providing solutions to help complement the brand’s wider growth journey and get all departments on the same page.

Working with a trusted tech solutions provider can also be environmentally friendly and help to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint. They do this by purchasing old, broken or unused tech from you at a fair price, disposing of it properly or reintroducing it to the circular economy.

Find out more about why a barcode consumables partner could help improve your business processes by speaking to a member of the PLM Global team today.