Scanner maintenance is essential for good interdepartmental comms

Scanner maintenance performed on a regular basis by a trusted provider could help your brand take the next step in its growth journey.

How can consistent scanner maintenance on a bespoke basis help companies to grow, though?

It’s simple – when we talk about scanner maintenance, we’re not referring to the ones on top of printers that can copy pieces of paper.

What we’re talking about in regard to scanner maintenance are the handheld mobile units that are critical to the flow and functioning of warehouses, depots, stockrooms and other logistics operations that businesses of all shapes and sizes use on a daily basis.

Whether yours is a logistics company or a brand with its own internal logistics services, dispatching products and more to customers and clients, the proper functioning of those mini handheld pieces of technology are crucial to everything that you do.

This is why we believe regular scanner maintenance performed by a trusted service provider is so important, whether your employees in the warehouse use Honeywell scanners, Zebras, Datalogic devices or any other brand.

It’s impossible to overstate how important this handheld technology is, not just for the warehouse but for the wider business and all of its departments – and its future direction and ambitions.

Handheld scanners do such an efficient job so quickly with a simple scan that it’s easy to take them for granted, too. In actuality, their ability to scan and communicate extremely complex data sets to the relevant departments is nothing short of a marvel.

Which is why it pays to regularly maintain that handheld equipment and keep mobile scanners in top condition as much as possible. In fast-paced environments such as warehouses, stockrooms and even out on the road, they can be prone to accidents and breakages.

Not paying attention to your armoury of scanners and allowing them to be affected by wear and tear over a period of time won’t just impact the warehouse. It could cause serious workflow problems throughout the whole company.

Simply scanning a product in the warehouse can send vital information across different departments such as the state of current stock levels, which products are selling well and which are not, delivery and client information and much more besides.

Having broken scanners or malfunctioning hardware can impact on that flow of essential information and hit the brand’s growth potential. The solution? Regular maintenance for your handheld hardware.

Regular maintenance on your warehouse hardware – including other mobile technology such as handheld printers, terminals and others – will not only keep them in great condition for as long as possible, but also minimise the need for downtime if a unit has to be taken out of commission.

Better yet, a trusted and experienced mobile hardware maintenance provider working alongside your brand on a bespoke basis will be able to provide backup units for your staff to use while repairs are being performed on your existing technology, until it’s ready to go again.

Find out more about why handheld scanner maintenance performed on a regular basis can be so important for a business’s growth ambitions by speaking to PLM Global today.