Repair hand held terminals regularly to optimise business growth

Repair hand held terminals as often as you can is our advice.

Why should you repair hand held terminals regularly, though? Isn’t it quicker to just buy new models – especially for those businesses that have their own warehouses and dispatch centres?

Not at all, in our experience. In fact, the opposite can often be true, and actually hinder the growth of brands with logistics arms and even full-on logistics businesses.

If the warehouse manager, CFO, CEO or other person in charge chooses to repair hand held terminals on a regular basis instead of just purchasing new models if ever a problem arises, then they can actually be doing more to fuel their growth ambitions than they realise.

Especially if they repair hand held terminals from the warehouse and other areas of the business on a regular timescale in a bespoke way with a trusted service that can fix handheld hardware across a huge range of manufacturers and suppliers.

When you opt to repair hand held terminals on a regular basis, you’re keeping them in like-new condition for a long time to come, which your employees on the logistics side will benefit from.

Regular repairs can work out as a more cost-effective solution than constantly having to purchase new handheld hardware – something that a lot of warehouse owners feel they have to do often, such is the nature of logistics settings.

Whether it’s within the fast-paced nature of the warehouse or stock area, or out on the road with employees on deliveries, the very nature of the job means that accidents will happen more often than not.

Employees can drop them, they can fall on the floor for whatever reason, they may get weathered – however it happens, bumps and other knocks can affect their performance and hinder the logistics side of the business whenever a fault occurs.

So, to get back on track ASAP, those in charge will order in new handheld equipment. That can be costly and takes time for it to arrive and align with other equipment. It’s also not a very green solution when the creation of new hardware, packaging, delivery and other factors are taken into account.

The good news is that by partnering with a trusted expert that specialises in repairs on a bespoke basis, those accidents can be fixed efficiently, for less than it could cost to purchase new units and in a way that’s much friendlier to the environment.

Your repair experts, as mentioned, will be able to get – and keep – your handheld equipment in like-new condition. While it’s being repaired, too, they will be able to provide your team with backup units to use, so downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Extending the life of your handheld equipment allows you to focus on growing the business instead of constantly being distracted by accidents when they occur in the warehouse.

Your trusted partner will also be able to dispose of broken equipment in a clean, green way, or reintroduce it to the circular economy, buying it from you at a fair price and helping to keep your brand’s carbon footprint low.

Repair hand held terminals with a trusted partner today so you can focus on growing your business. Contact PLM Global to find out more.